Biomass Boilers offer an environmetally sound, heating solution.

Burning Biomass, such as wood pellets, wood chips or logs, emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as is absorbed while the plants were growing. Therefore, Biomass is classed as carbon-neutral renewable energy.


rise of biomass purchased in the last twelve months

10 years

for full return on initial investment*


generate income for your business**


contribute to the carbon target


Our team of highly skilled engineers are factory trained to ensure your installation performs at maximum efficiency.


We install a range of  biomass boiler systems and equipped to burn logs, wood pellets and wood chips for commercial or domestic heating systems.


We ensure your Biomass boiler runs efficiently with regular service and maintenance. We meet all RHI service eligibility requirements and optimise reliability and longevity.


We want to make sure you get the best possible returns from your Biomass Boiler at all times. We provide an efficiency assessment to check that your boiler is running against industry standards and if we can earn you more money.

Biomass Chip

We provide the complete solution for Biomass Boilers including top quality wood chip from carefully selected timber. We have a wide range of delivery solutions to ensure all our clients can receive this cost effective offer.

Renewable Energy Consumption

Cost effective on energy costs
Full return on your investment
Reduce your emissions
Increase in property value
80% savings

Installing Biomass Boilers in your commercial premises and businesses allows savings of up to 80% of energy costs.

This figure is also the same for residential homes and their energy bills.

With a skilled team of engineers and extensive experience in the Biomass business, AKA Biomass are the company to choose to ensure you maximise savings.

Property Value

Due to a 20% increase over the last twelve months of Biomass Boilers being installed throughout the UK there have been reports showing that properties with a Biomass Boiler installed have had their property valued at 5% higher than those without in the same area.



We install and maintain combined heat and power boilers.

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